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From Nottingham UK. Richard Snow and The Inlaws are Richard (Snow) Hattersley, Phillip Edmundson and Justin Monkton.

Having played together as Enellen in the mid 90's they ended in 1997  but reformed in 2005 as RS & The Inlaws, due to favourable reaction to 2 albums Richard had released as home presings via that newfangled internet. The first one "Richard Snow" (2002) featured mainly old Enellen recordings of Richard's songs and he followed it up with "Tuesday Music" (2005) which was issued by Proper Music Distribution .  Richard Snow & The Inlaws played extensively from 2005-2012 sharing the bill with the likes of The Posies, Snow Patrol, Sandi Thom, Anny Celsi and Nelson Bragg.  In 2007 American label SideBMusic signed Richard and re-issued the 2 Richard Snow albums and the band provided "Christmas With You" for the labels "Rocking The Mistletoe" compilation. 2011 saw the only release so far under the full band name, "Am I really That Boring".  2012 brought  calamity however as muscular skeletal problems severely effected Richard's voice and the band haven't played live since May 2012..  In 2013 a 2002 recording of Del Shannon song "Over You" appeared on Rock beat records Del Shannon Tribute album thanks to support from Del's manager Dan Bourgoise and Andrew Loog Oldham former Stones manager. In 2017 Richard joined Fun Of The Pier , producing and playing on the bands album "14.42".  In 2020/21 The band issued their 1st new material in 9 years via 3 single releases. "I Never LIked The Beatles", "System Out Of Date" and "Freedom Snatchers".  August 2023 sees a new single release "Analogue Calls" with hopefully a 4th album to follow in 2024?

Richard (Snow) Hattersley

From Nottingham , Richard began with the band Enellen , formed with Phill in 1991 running through to '97. As well as original material bands he has played covers gigs since 1995 with the duo Studio, Solo as "Richard Snow" and since 2008 with Beatle band "The Fab 4" and their recent spin off band "The Fabs" Recently he joined Mark and Helen Luker in "Fun Of The Pier", contributing to their album "14.42"

He likes The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Phil Spector, The Byrds and most 60's music.  He also thinks the "System's Out Of Date" and listens to lots of podcasts. Fave's being The Richie Allen Show, The Delingpod, Sheep Farm, Windows On The World and The Corbett Report.

Phill Edmundson

From Nottingham Phill formed Enellen with Richard in the 90's and wrote and sang most of the bands songs. After Enellen ended he began his own band "Sibling" in 1998 releasing 4 and 2 albums * and appearing on New Order tribute "Ceremony" But he still found time to play in RS& The Inlaws.

Phil Likes New Order, Depeche Mode, The Cure,Mansun,Johnny Cash etc *-See Links to check out Sibling's music.

Justin Monkton

From Derbyshire , Justin was already a seasoned drummer when he met Richard working at a recording studio. Playing with bands like Neverland, The Rattlers and many many more Justin added "Enellen" to his schedule in 1995 . After The Inlaws ceased playing in 2012 Justin formed mod faves "The Modest" but these days he occupys the bass/lead vocals seat with "Peashooter"

Justin Likes The Police,Motorhead, Cozy Powell, Blondie, The Who, Pugwash and allsorts!

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