I Never Liked The Beatles-(2020)

Single - available 4.2.2020

20 Greatest Bits (& Bobs) - (2019)

Album- Free Download Only

A trawl through the tape archive unearthed some some interesting

previously unreleased Richard Snow/Inlaws/Enellen tracks. Here's 20 of the most interesting finds.

See Bandcamp for full track listing.

Slip On Through (2017)

Single- Download only

re-issue of the recently deleted cover of Dennis Wilson's classic song from The Beach Boys "Sunflower" album. Originaly available on 2005 UK album "Tuesday Music"

Am I Really That Boring (extended boredom mix) 2013

single-download only (Free from CdBaby)

A nod to those classic 12" singles of the 80's , this extended version of the title track from the album "Am I Really That Boring"

Am I Really That Boring (2011) -Valley Records

1.Stop Your Crying. 2.Middle Class Girl. 3. If You Don't Rescue Me. 4.21st Century. 5.I Still Love Your Face. 6.Never Hear Your Voice Again. 7.Do You want To. 8.Take Me Back Home (no.8). 9. Good Guys Never Win. 10. Fishspeaker. 11. Am I Really That Boring

Tuesday Music (2008) - SideBmusic

1. Silent Girlfriend. 2.You're My Number one. 3. You Said It. 4. Hard To Be Happy. 5.Tuesday Music.6.Lonesome Cowboy. 7. When You Smile. 8.And Then. 9. Expectations. 10. Days Of Simplicity. 11. Over. Bonus tracks

12.Real (demo). 13. Attention Not Required (acoustic). 14.Eva.    15.Silent Girlfriend (acoustic). 16. Hard To Be Happy (live). 17. Lonesome Cowboy (alternate take). 18. Days Of Simplicity (basic tracks)

U.S. re-issiue of 2005 Uk release , plus bonus tracks

Richard Snow (2002&2007)  Valley/SideBMusic

1. The Sweetest (intro) 2. Coming Soon (Going So Fast). 3.Real. 4.Attention Not Required. 5.Girls On The Tube. 6.Hand Me Down My Sunglasses. 7.Pretty Picture. 8.Spiral. 9.Haphazard. 10 .Red Song. 11.The Sweetest

Tuesday Music (2005)- Valley Records (via Proper)

1. And Then. 2 Silent Girlfriend. 3.You're My Number1. 4. You Said It. 5.Hard To Be Happy. 6. Tuesday Music. 7.Lonesome Cowboy. 8. When You Smile. 9. Expectations. 10. Days Of Simplicity. 11. Slip On Through

Original UK version of Tuesday Music, currently deleted.

compilations featuring Rs & The Inlaws

Rocking The Mistletoe (2010)- SideBMusic

This compilation exclusively features the RS&Inlaws track "Christmas With You" along side other artists like Scott Bennett, Taylor Mills, Chris English, Laurie Biagini, The Stockholm Strings and many more

The Del Shannon Tribute-Songwriter vol1 (2013)- Rockbeat

This compilation exclusively features Richard's Cover of "Over You" written by Del Shannon. Other artists featured are Randy Bachman, Frank Black, Marshall Crenshaw, Nash Kato,Don Dixon and many more


12 String High Volume 3 - You Are The Cosmos Records

This excellent vinyl/CD compilation features "Do You Want To?"

By RS&The Inlaws along side lots more frine 12 string tunes from the likes of Bennett Wilson Poole,Scott Gagner, The Modulators, Lannie Flowers and many more

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